Updating cached messages

How can I stop this message from appearing on my screen?

Someone please help to get rid from freezing / stucking of OE 2007....

His emails would appear in his inbox within 1-2 minutes.

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The mail works fine with Thunderbird and (though I haven't checked recently) Outlook 2003. Under Exchange server, is there a check is "Use cached Exchange mode"? There are no settings regarding Exchange server since, as I said originally, I don't use Exchange server. familyid=9EC51594-992C-4165-A997-25DA01F388F5&displaylang=en If none of the above work might just want to try running Clean Profile Starting with Outlook closed Start No, it's not a recent upgrade from 2003.This can last several minutes and it is unacceptable. var microsoft = microsoft

He recently visited our area and his hotel uses the same ISP as our offices.

He does have an inbox of 700mb with several subfolders, but moving them doesn't seem to resolve the problem.

In fact, when the inbox is finished processing and Outlook proceeds to check the subfolders, emails will start to come in.

If you prefer to work with "live" information directly from the server in online mode, you can disable cached mode through your Outlook account settings.

Alan Sembera began writing for local newspapers in Texas and Louisiana.

thank you hey Anas, what type of email account do you use?