Updating file attributes with vb

Norman Yuan pointed out a mistake in this code - I've been using the Transaction Manager from the current document, rather than from the db.

This isn't dramatically bad, but would have become more of a problem as we move to Real DWG.

I have read other post from this forum but i'm still not finding the right answers to my problem.

This one queries for some additional data (such as the path to the folder to process), and then uses some handy .

NET Framework functionality to iterate through the drawings stored in a particular location.

In the last post we looked at some code to search the current drawing for a particular attribute and update its value.

In this post - as promised - we're going to look at how to extend this application to work on a folder of drawings, updating those that contain the attribute and saving them to a new filename.

The page errors at .inner Text with msg: Input string was not in a correct format. Once you have used Select Single Node to select the Cust ID element node you simply need to change its Inner Text e.g. All the examples i looked at people were using attributes of the child node but i have no idea specially being new to xml in

In our earlier post we have seen how to Read Data from XML File using in Microsoft Excel.The Write Message() calls are now in the commands themselves, instead of in the processing functions.In addition to the previous UA (Update Attribute) command, I've added a new one called UAIF (Update Attribute In Files).Rather than implement a fancy, graphical user interface, I've stuck with my approach of using the command-line for input and output.If you wish to implement your own UI, please do - it's really easy using . I get the occasional request to do this myself, but I prefer to keep my posts focused - there are other posts on this blog that focus specifically on UI-related issues.I want to update the custid when is a temporary id untill a valid login occurs when the temp id in xml is updated to the proper customer id. Child Nodes("Cust ID") does not make sense, it would only make sense if the Cust ID element you select with Select Single Node had a Cust ID child element of its own.