Updating my bose system we are dating now 01 0

this project took lots of time just to get a simple easy voodoo.i haven't been on steves in a while. im welding in a full frame narrowing in the rear axel and new frame rails to fit big fat tires out back. due to the fact that im going with full air bag suspension .anyway im glad i finished doing the system on my truck time to move on back to the nova I WANT ONE! I have been doing the exact same thing you were...researching these systems a lot.

i have been so busy i am just starting to free some time up to work on my nova again. I had settled for the idea of using an audiocontrol unit and tapping into the rear speakers by the factory amp then running the signal to my amps.

other than that the amp does nothing your chimes , on-star, sensors, on and on (lol) are processed through your head unit.after finding that out and knowing the bean counters at GM i knew that the standard bose amp was not going to have a signal sensing amp to turn on when it knows there is sound coming in. there not too Bose head unit outputs 6.5 volts WOW that blows away a lot of the after market units out there after testing out all my research i went ahead and searched for weeks to find a harness i was not going to cut my cableswell this is what i came up with . i cant believe the stock head unit can produce such a clean signal to my of all EVERYTHING works like factory.

my chime , turn signals are not amplified they sound just like before.

it does have a built in crossover that all the settings are set for. now my amps can handle balanced inputssome amplifiers don't.

when the volume goes up past a certain point the amp turns power down to the sub to protect it . THERE ISi came to find out that Bose did do some nice things to the head stock head unit from GM that are Bose the output from the unit to the amp are NOT high level speaker outputs like your regular non-bose head units. i removed the cable and stripped back enough electrical tape to find not speaker cable but rca also feeds a balanced low level signal. but thats not a problem audio-control makes signal converters that make a balanced signal to analog so you can still keep your amp.

the speakers and sub are the same ones as the standard system but it has a way better amp.

feeds more power and sounds better than the standard system.But I would LOVE to use this part you made so I wouldnt have to strip or splice into any wires etc.(By the way, what did you use for signal to the sub?A clean full signal bypassing the factory amp all together?If you have a Sound Touch wireless adapter connected to your system, see the instructions below for updating Cine Mate systems using the Sound Touch wireless adapter.At the prompt, click SAVE to save the file to your desktop (do not rename the file).the amp does all the thinking and crossover points for the system.