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Apple Music files are stored as 256k AAC (m4p) files and have Fair Play copyright protection on them; if you ever cancel your Apple Music subscription, you'll lose access to these files.If you had an Apple Music subscription before July 2016, you may also see this status incorrectly attributed to tracks in your library that should show up as Matched. This status is somewhat rare and applies primarily to Apple Music tracks that were once available via the subscription service, but due to licensing issues or otherwise, Apple Music no longer has the rights to stream them.

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You've previously purchased tracks from the i Tunes Store, and possibly also subscribe to Apple Music or i Tunes Match.This status means that you've purchased these songs from the i Tunes Store catalog; when you re-download them on any other device (up to 10), it'll show up as a 256kbps Purchased DRM-free AAC (m4a) file.i Tunes Match and Apple Music use audio fingerprinting and metadata to "match" tracks from the i Tunes Store to your library, but be aware: The i Tunes Store catalog's matching algorithm isn't perfect, especially when it comes to live tracks and other rare songs, and there's, unfortunately, no way to "force upload" a song to i Cloud.If you're worried about i Tunes incorrectly matching these songs, make sure you have a full backup of your music files before enabling i Cloud.Several music apps and services for Android support most of the audio file types used by the i Tunes software, including D. The Google Play store has several apps to do this; double Twist is one company making such software for syncing i Tunes songs to Android devices.

Although you eventually have to pay a subscription fee after a three-month free trial period, Apple does make a version of its Apple Music app for Android.You use i Cloud Music Library (via Apple Music or the stand-alone i Tunes Match service).This status means that Apple has scanned and matched the track in your Mac's library with a song in its i Tunes Store catalog; when you re-download it on any other device (up to 10) — or delete and re-download the track on your Mac — you'll get that i Tunes track, in 256kbps Matched DRM-free AAC (m4a) format.With all of these different types of music files, it's easy to get a little confused over which songs are truly , and which ones may disappear if you end your subscription. Beginning with mac OS Catalina, the i Tunes app has been replaced with the Music app.The functionality identified here remains the same in the newly titled app.You can stream purchased music on any Mac or i OS device you've authorized — up to 10 — and redownload said music on any of those devices.