Updating ubuntu 9 10 to 10 04

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Older ones just don’t have the hardware enablement stack. You can opt into the hardware enablement update if you like.

LTS releases are supposed to be rock solid and not change much so Ubuntu won’t automatically install it for you.

The Ubuntu 18.04.2 release included a new “hardware enablement” (HWE) stack.

The stack consists of a newer Linux kernel, graphical server, and graphics drivers.

These include the latest software updates that would typically be installed after you install Ubuntu 18.04.

There have now been several versions of Ubuntu 18.04 released: the original 18.04, 18.04.1, 18.04.2, and 18.04.3.

If you are using Ubuntu 13.10 and want to upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04 release, you can follow below simple instructions.

Warning: We urged you to take important data backup prior upgradation and also read release notes for more information before upgrading to latest version. you’ve successfully upgraded to Ubuntu 14.04 from Ubuntu 13.10.

You’ll have to reboot your system to install the new kernel.

Ubuntu 15.10 Released – Upgrade to Ubuntu 15.10 This version will be supported for the next 5 Years and this really a good news for business customers.

The above upgrade instructions was written for Ubuntu, but you can also use these instructions to upgrade any Ubuntu based distributions such as Xubuntu, Kubuntu or Lubuntu 14.04.