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If you still have you 360 laying around the house (how else are we supposed to play , then go ahead an dboot that bad boy up and update! Still, with the Xbox One and the Xbox One X - there's always room for a little more console lovin'.

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Clicking any of the affected Doom games' listings right now, however, leads to dead Xbox 360 content pages, the kind you might find for delisted Xbox games like .Owners of the original licenses are not redirected on their consoles to the new SKUs, and as of press time, those games' original owners are asked to pay full price to play the new, Xbox One-native versions of those classic games ( each for 's Xbox 360 version originally launched with a console-exclusive expansion pack, "No Rest For The Living," and that has not been brought back in today's new Xbox One version.For now, it appears that re-downloading the game is still possible if you previously purchased it, though it might require jumping through the hoop of downloading the "free trial" version via (Scattered reports indicate that Xbox 360 consoles can still natively redownload both handy.That's especially handy for series like As for the competition, both the Wii U and Play Station 3 kept going a bit longer than the Xbox 360, so their most recent system updates were last year.

While we may see another Play Station 3 system update at some point, we're pretty sure Nintendo has moved on completely from the Wii U, so don't expect any bug fixes or final tweaks anytime soon. No, we're not kidding, and we certainly wouldn't troll you. Honestly, it's pretty neat that Microsoft is still paying attention to last generation, no matter how small the update actually was.In a surprising turn of events, players have discovered that for the first time in two years, the Xbox 360 actually has an update ready and waiting. Given that the previous update hit back in 2015, it's pretty interesting timing for random improvements.But, while Microsoft is no longer making the machines, it looks like they're still supporting it for the time being.So, if you've got an Xbox 360 still hooked up to your television for some semi-retro gaming every once in a blue moon, you might want to go ahead and turn it on soon in order to get the update downloaded.When word first started circulating about the update, you wouldn't have been faulted for assuming someone had made a typo somewhere.