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Reasoning on UML class diagrams without OCL integrity constraints is an EXPTIME-complete problem [8].The UML class diagram analysis is a complex problem.

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Hitherto, the existing tools are only capable of verifying model properties; such tools verify the model properties much quicker when the input is a small UML/OCL class diagram.

In case of a large UML/OCL class diagram as input, these tools become so inefficient that verification becomes impractical.

” The property is relevant in the sense that many interesting properties; for example, redundancy of an integrity constraint can be expressed in terms of satisfiability [7].

Two different notions of satisfiability can be checked, either weak satisfiability or strong satisfiability.

Verification of UML/OCL class diagrams is a quite challenging task when the input is large (i.e., a complex UML/OCL class diagram).

In this paper, we present (1) a benchmark for UML/OCL verification and validation tools, (2) an evaluation and analysis of tools available for verification and validation of UML/OCL class diagrams including the range of UML support for each tool, (3) the problems with efficiency of the verification process for UML/OCL class diagrams, and (4) solution for efficient verification of complex class diagrams.So, hopefully this tour through OCL-related standards-based Eclipse modeling technologies may help anybody that is new to OCL and wondering what it is good for to get an appreciation of its value.And, as a side benefit, it shows off the current state of integration of these technologies in the Mars release of Eclipse Papyrus.UML/OCL models are designed in order to provide a high-level description of a software system which can be used as a piece of documentation or as an intermediate step in the software development process.In the context of model-driven development (MDD) and model-driven architecture (MDA), a correct specification is required because the entire technology is based on model transformation.We have considered the static structure diagram that describes the structure of a system, modeled as a UML class diagram.