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It enables you to quickly check that input is roughly in the form you expect and quickly reject any document that is too far away from what your process can handle.If there's a problem with the data, it's better to find out earlier than later.provides default implementation of Content Handler interface and we can extend this class to create our own handler. The important methods to override are method is called.

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methods to read XML document from File, Input Stream, SAX Input Source and String URI. We need to create our own handler class to parse the XML document.

We need to implement interface to create our own handler classes. Employee; public class XMLParser SAX Employee:: ID=1 Name=Pankaj Age=29 Gender=Male Role=Java Developer Employee:: ID=2 Name=Lisa Age=35 Gender=Female Role=CEO Employee:: ID=3 Name=Tom Age=40 Gender=Male Role=Manager Employee:: ID=4 Name=Meghna Age=25 Gender=Female Role=Manager instance.

This is useful for adding constraints that are more easily checked in a Turing-complete language like Java than in a declarative language like the W3C XML Schema language.

You can define a mini-schema language, write a quick implementation, and plug it into the validation layer.

Extending this class will keep our code cleaner and maintainable. We are also using this method to create a new Employee object every time Employee start element is found.

Let’s jump to the SAX parser example program now, I will explain different features in detail later on. Check how id attribute is read here to set the Employee Object package com.sax; import However, once you learn the API for validating DOM documents against RELAX NG schemas (for instance), you can use the same API to validate JDOM documents against W3C schemas. Schema Instance(Schema at Docbook RELAXNGCheck.main(Docbook This isn't a closed list.For example, Listing 2 shows a program that validates Doc Book documents against Doc Book's RELAX NG schema. The only things that have changed are the location of the schema and the URL that identifies the schema language. Implementations are free to add other URLs to this list to identify other schema languages.When you pass a URI identifying a particular schema language to that know how to process your schema language.Then, install your JAR in one of these four locations.DTDs and XSD were normally accessed as configuration options in Simple API for XML (SAX), Document Object Model (DOM), and Java™ API for XML Processing (JAXP). Schematron might use the Transformations API for XML(Tr AX); and still other schema languages required programmers to learn still more APIs, even though they were performing essentially the same operation.