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There is also normally Q&As or forums included on these sites.These real vampire sites can be found on both the deep web and the surface web.

Have you ever wanted to learn about magic, spells, alchemy, astral projection, meditation, energy/aura work, the chakras, telepathy and more? Some of this info can also be found with the standard search engines too as well books.The deep web is much bigger than the "surface" web though, so you will find more info on the deep web about these unique studies than you would find on the internet that most people are used to.However most alien and ufo websites are the average "I believe in aliens and ufos" blogs that includes pictures and stories as proof to convince their readers that aliens and ufos are real.Then you have alien and ufo conspiracy theory sites that have theories about area 51, aliens hiding themselves as humans and running our governments, shape shifts, reptilians, ect.Sites like these normally include the names of different species of known aliens, info about them such as diet, wether they are peaceful, and their known interactions with humans on Earth.

Sometimes there are even pictures of the aliens alongside their data.As expected, there is also vampire hunting communities on the deep web and surface web.Slayers are more like cops; they only go after dangerous people and help keep order. They tend to kill for religious reasons or for the trill.While info on ufos and aliens can be found in books and on the surface web, the deep web is bigger and will have info that can only be found there.Much like aliens there are organizations of people who do studies about vampires, They keep track of gender, age ranges, locations, history of mental illness, religious beliefs, GPA, possible occult/paranormal like abilities, how they feed and more about the people who claim to be real vampires.Lastly there are organizations that have done studies on people who have seen aliens and people who claim to be abducted by aliens.