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She did several more hardcore scenes in her first couple of years in the business including a lot of anal and a few double penetration scenes.In 1980 she performed in the film called "Dracula Exotica" from VCA pictures which was directed by Warren Evans.

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She attended Catholic school and grew up as an only child of Cuban and Puerto Rican parents.Frequently she would not be allowed to even go out and play because her parents thought that the streets were far too dangerous.She appears in two scenes and the first is a threesome with Ashley Moore and John Bush.The final scene in the movie is a group sex affair with three other girls and five guys.Her body measurements are 42DD-31-42 and she is all natural having never had any augmentations to her body.

She has no tattoos on her body and also no body piercings.

Prior to that she had worked as a computer programmer and then as a waitress, barmaid and go-go dancer.

She has said that the reason she got into working in porn movies was because they were paying 0 per day which was half of her rent where she was living.

Her next industry awards would come in 1985 for her performances in "Viva Vanessa" which was also produced by VCA pictures and directed by Henri Pachard.

XRCO nominated her for awards in it's Best Kinky Scene, Orgasmic Oral Scene and Best Single Female Performance of the Year categories.

At the time this was quite a bit of money and working for two days to cover her entire monthly rent was just too good to pass up.