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With Skype, you can initiate sexting with your man while you’re on your coffee break or during your lunch at work.

Not only that; you can even see him and what he’s doing while you’re chatting through Skype video chat.

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Now, if your intention is to tease him without giving him the chance to see you, you can opt for the regular Skype call.Use the most sultry tone of voice when telling him what you want him to do to you and what you’d love to be able to do to him.This in-depth, jam-packed program teaches you how to learn about your man’s deepest fantasies and how to press his buttons when and how you desire. There’s no point wasting your time with the boring things you’ve been doing before. You’ll know who he is as a person on a deeper level.

Armed with this knowledge, you can fulfill his sexual cravings (and he should do the same for you), causing you two to grow closer to one another. Lovemaking is one of the many ways you can connect with your boyfriend.In any relationship, if the sex isn’t good, you either work on it with your partner or you part ways.Parting ways isn’t something you’d want if you truly loved your boyfriend, right?One of the most important ingredients of a healthy relationship is communication.By that I don’t only mean being brutally honest with your boyfriend about things concerning both of you; I also mean talking dirty to him when you’re not together. You don’t just communicate your needs in bed to him; you also need to talk dirty in bed or when you’re apart so you can keep him on his toes and spice things up in your relationship each and every day.If you’re not together, you can start dirty talking through Skype.