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Also during that time period, Kim and Eminem started the hate part of their relationship.After their breakup in 1996, Eminem moved back to 8 Mile while Kim and Hailie moved into a one-bedroom apartment which is said in .1998-2001: Reconciliation & Re-Marriage Until 2001.It includes the line, “Told em’ I met Slim Shady, bag the Em / Once he go black, he’ll be back again,” which Minaj also referenced in the post caption. “I had so many big names on that first album,” she said.

The Chun-Li rapper casually revealed the news on Instagram, while promoting a single she’s featured on with 2 Chainz and Big Sean. And what does Marshall have to say about all of this? ‘The album itself I think I want to put out on August 10,’ she told Instagram Live.

She told her 86.8million followers: ‘#BIGBANK OUT NOW!!!!!! ‘I want to put out my second single, which I’m really, really excited about, and I want to now start an official countdown.’ She also revealed she has huge plans for the release of her next album – including a listening party for fans. ‘I also wanna do a thing where I invite some of my actual fans to the studio and listen to the album and listen to the songs,’ she added.

Eminem recreated the arrest in the skit on his third album called "The Kiss (Skit)".

Eminem was then charged with assault and possession of a concealed weapon, and pleaded guilty to both charges. After the arrest, Eminem released his hit single "Kim", a song that tells the story of Eminem murdering Kim in response to the affair.

But all of his hook up rumors were not confirmed, and they stayed rumors.

The two megastars in the hip-hop world Eminem and Nick Minaj shook all of their fans when they flirted publicly.

It all started when Nicki Minaj posted a video of her song Big Bank on her Instagram and mentioned Eminem in the caption.

When asked if she is dating Eminem by one follower, she quickly replied yes.

After a brief courtship, Garner declared herself single in [2004] ( while the pair continued filming the J.

But it was only a rumor, and they clarified later that they were only having fun up on the internet.

Unfortunately, Kim was seen kissing John Guerrera, the bouncer of a nightclub.