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Yeah, it's cool: it's a Coachella baby." And Danny's bandmates - Tom Fletcher, Harry Judd and Dougie Poynter - are over the moon about the hunk's impending arrival and can't wait to meet the little one.Danny said: "It's like our baby has three uncles waiting for him or her." Georgia always knew Danny would be an amazing dad but has admitted seeing him as a judge on 'The Voice Kids' has made her realise how great he really is.

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As a side project, Jones works on remixes for his band's songs, including "Party Girl" or "Nowhere Left to Run", and "Take Me There".Some remixes can be found as b-sides on singles released from the album Above the Noise.Even when we walked in for the first scan I started crying.All they'd said to us was hello."The pair - who got married in 2014 - believe Georgia fell pregnant in Palm Springs, California, when they were attending Coachella music festival in April.She said: "When I see how he is with children on 'The Voice Kids', how amazing he is with them, he is going to be a great dad.

But then I knew that already." 10 Ways Not To Stay Married 2 Chainz's broken leg 5 After Midnight contact Simon Cowell 'fairly frequently' 50 Cent praises sexy Helen Mirren 50 Cent teases details of his new album He's A Geek- But I Like Him- What Should I Do?I think a lot people, they underestimate what you can do in a short about of time,” he explained on the show. “Now granted, you know, you don’t want to do too much to when you’re losing a ton of weight in 30 days or hurt yourself. No matter your circumstance, I can create a plan for you. 📧 Yes, the Tree Man craze started out around the time that Jones was trying to build his social media presence. Because he wanted to build a name for himself as a muscular guy and fitness trainer. Email me with questions or signup for my online training at my website.Fletcher, who was filming the auditions for Island Records, later approached Jones.