Who is hailee steinfeld dating

reports they were shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue and the visit was short and sweet with 24-year-old Niall squeezing in any time he could in between tour dates. 15 August 2018: Okay, we got the proof we needed, guys.

He signs off the adorable picture of them from the American Music Awards in November with: "Love ya hails".Happy birthday to the loveliest person on the planet and one of my best friends @haileesteinfeld .This will be the first time I have a song of my own in a movie that I’ve made.” Steinfeld won an award at the MTV EMAs in 2017 and she is a nominee again this year.Acting and singing her way into the entertainment industry, Hailee Steinfeld is a name that only a few would not recognize.A talented and rising artist, she made headlines when she portrayed the character of Mattie Ross in the movie, into the mix, she is a significant figure in Hollywood.

Not backing down even for a single instant, she is now a top-level artist and actress in Hollywood.

A month later, a source described the couple's relationship to E!

Hailee Steinfeld is an award-winning actress, an awards show host, a prominent music artist and she is reportedly the girlfriend of Niall Horan.

And then, of course, the couple started to get photographed sharing kisses while out and about together. The way he like holds her and kisses her and does the culling the face thing when he kissed her UGH I need a boyfriend pic.twitter.com/SRzkb Qzd D3 — syd misses niall :( (@flowernnfeast) August 17, 2018Over the summer, after photos of the two artists continued to show up online, a source weighed in on Steinfeld’s feelings about the relationship to People, saying, “She’s not actively pursuing anything.

Niall is really into her but she’s unsure if she wants to get into something new right away.” With Steinfeld’s latest interview on love, it seems that her feelings may have evolved into something more solid with the former One Directioner.

They reportedly spent 15 minutes in the store and were matchy matchy in white tees and denim.