Who is jackie appiah dating

After her allegation, another Snap user came and disclosed that Jackie got her G-Wagon from another rich guy known as Money Gram after sleeping with her.

The next time you see popular actress Jackie Appiah on television or about town in her customized Nissan Murano car, watch her with a piteous heart.

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However, it has no obvious signs of her current relationship, her possible husband or any simple way to find out whether Jackie Appiah is married or not.

There was a rumour about Jackie dating actor Bobby Obodo, and you can still come across their photos on the Internet.

Apparently the beautiful Canadian born Ghanaian actress actress has been dating Nigerian actor, Bobby Obodo and there are reports that he has officially met Jackie’s family and gotten approval from them.

Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah has been accused of sleeping with Hushpuppi for money, though the credibility of the accusation remains questionable.

His father is using his influence to sweep such a sensitive issue under the carpet like it never happened and thus deny her justice.

But she has vowed to seek for justice until her last breath.

One of the top Ghanaian actresses has been the face of a huge number of magazines and billboards. All real fans of this actress remember her love story. The couple officially divorced in 2008, and while they do have a son Damien it doesn’t seem that their future together is currently possible.

She is well known outside Ghana and is loved in Nollywood (she has starred in several successful Nigerian films and is popular in our country as well). Sometimes you can hear rumours about Jackie and her ex-husband being happy together again, but they are not true.

However, the Ghanaian actress countered the claims in an Instagram post.

Even though this impressive woman was born in Canada where she also lived as a child, she is better known today as one of the most successful Ghanaian actresses.

And the sex scandals continue in the entertainment industry.