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From that moment on Don Simpson sailed through the eighties and the first half of the nineties on an ocean of money and drugs. Simpson also had a most bizarre sex life, enhanced by testosterone shots administered to his buttocks to increase his already enormous sex drive.

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After a while, we left Jerry at the bar with the woman and split." Simpson said: "Jerry will ask nine women to sleep with him, and nine will turn him down in a row.The tenth woman says yes, and he goes home with her.She filed suit October 12, 1988, asking for million in damages.She claimed that Simpson made her witness illegal drug use in his Paramount offices, made her schedule appointments for him with hookers, and played pornographic films in front of her in his office.Jerry Bruckheimer, Steve Roth, Steve Tisch, Jim Berkus, Craig Baumgarten, Jim Wiatt, Paul Schrader and composer Paul Jasmine hung out there for the girls and drugs.

Several of Heidi Fleiss's girls got bit parts in Don Simpson movies.

Don's friend Lynda Obst credits him with creating the high concept movie.

"He created the three-act structure that we all use, the one that Robert Mc Kee and Syd Field use and take credit for. There is the hot first act with an exciting incident, and the second act with the crisis and the dark bad moments in which our hero is challenged, and the third act with the triumphant moment and the redemption and the freeze-frame ending." (High Concept, pg.

151-153) Simpson-Bruckheimer responded by playing hardball. They hired nasty litigator Bertram Fields to file a million countersuit against Harmon.

They hired private investigator Anthony Pellicano to dig up dirt on Harmon.

So I went to her room and partied till the sun came up." ("Don Simpson on Don Simpson," Debby Bull, Smart, May 1990) He joined a group of young film people led by Julia and Michael Phillips: Margot Kidder, Katharine Ross, Ron and Howard and Liza Minnelli (then dating).