Who is lara dutta dating

Ideally speaking the Zodiac sign Pisces is said to embody all that is humanitarian and idealistic!These people care about others, and world at large – whether they manage to do something tangible about it or not is a different thing!

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After graduating from school, she then went on to earn a degree in Economics from Bombay University. In 1997 Lara enrolled and subsequently won the Miss Gladrags competition, leading her to represent India at the Miss Intercontinental, and thereafter being crowned Miss Universe in 2000 in Cyprus, making her the second Indian to win this prestigious award.After completing her Miss Universe commitments, she received several offers from Bollywood movie makers and starred in Andaaz in 2003, which won her considerable recognition, and she subsequently won the best female debut award from Femina.Poetic Pisces, the last in the line of Zodiac Signs, is a mystical and intuitive as they come.Pisces can be described as sensitive, spiritual; scrupulous, stubborn and often sympathetic yet shrewd.The works of Lara Dutta are not preliminary associated with cinematic acting in movies but contributions of her involve humanitarian works as well.

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) appointed her its Goodwill Ambassador in the year 2001.

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She has been the winner of Femina Miss India Universe in 2000 and a crowned Miss Intercontinental 1997.

Global Beauties, a pageant portal, elected her as Miss Grand Slam 2000, the first Indian woman to have won the title.

They have their own set practices of living and choose to be surrounded by genuine people whom they trust.