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A recent poll conducted for the Celebrity Post shows that a large majority (87%) of respondents think those Pattie Boyd death rumors are not funny anymore.Pattie Boyd Death Hoax Dismissed Since Model Is ‘Alive And Well’On Monday (September 02) the model's reps officially confirmed that Pattie Boyd is not dead.

But I was also struck by something else amazing (amazing to me anyway)!

As I lay on the couch (which Jacqui allows me to do occasionally), listening to all the very old numbers I remembered from my youth, 70 years ago or more, it suddenly struck me I was hearing something that I had been subconsciously been missing in my music, for years and years, without even realising it.

I bought an Amazon Dot recently, on the recommendation of my daughter, who lives in England.

It really is a wonderful piece of equipment, especially when placed in the hands of an ignorant old man like me.

I quite enjoy listening to music occasionally, nothing too out of this world you understand, like rappers, heavy metal or grunge — whatever those titles are supposed to mean.

I prefer music that sounds a bit more like music, though there are a few, right on the cusp of listenability who I quite admire, people like Jimi Hendrix, or U2. You know, later Beatles numbers, the Rolling Stones and Michael Buble all make music in which you can still detect a tune, whereas some of the other stuff can only be described a loud sound, with little rhythm and no melody!Of course, at my age, when I started asking it to play some of my music, the stuff I requested was Dave Brubeck, Acker Bilk, Ted Heath’s Band and Louis Armstrong, to name but a few.The most amazing thing that first hit me was that the darned machine couldn’t be beaten (well almost, I did get the better of it when I asked it to play something by Harry Gold and the Pieces of Eight! It truly does have just about every bit of music or musician you could think of stored away in its cloud, right back to the early-1900s.You’ll gather from the previous paragraph that I am by no means an expert on music, very much like a lot of other people my age, I would guess.I know nothing at all about reading sheet music, with all its lines, crochets and quavers, etc., and I also know nothing about the processes involved in getting that music to wherever I am.Tip: Sign In to save these choices and avoid repeating this across devices.