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It reached number twenty-four (24) on the R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.In March of 2009, it was re-released and has since sold 30,000 records in the United States.I knew I could do well and it would be a doorway into the industry if I couldn't make it as an artist first. Yes I read all my contracts myself with my lawyers and business partners. It's a lot more radio friendly and has more club bangers. I thought about what the world was missing - or at least American radio. Those power ballads that hit you deep in your heart because that's you I'm singing about.

In February 2009, the second single from the album 'Stuck with Each Other' featuring Akon, was released in the United States and in the United Kingdom in May 2009.The success of this single was not to be in the United States but reached number twenty-three (23) in the United Kingdom.Since the turn of the century, each summer in America has seen some Caribbean artist raise their head for all to see.Not to be left out of this head-raising event by any means at all, was Shontelle who comes from the lovely island of Barbados shows her head this time around.I don't even think either of us knew the other wanted to. I was never really a part of any particular clique or group or crew.

But I did always think she would be some kind of famous. I never had many enemies in school because people knew I wasn't partial. In 2008, Shontelle began working on her debut studio and was able to bring it to completion within a six month period.In June of 2008, Shontelle's debut single 'T-Shirt' was released and reached number thirty-six (36) on the Billboard Hot 100.Knowledge is power and so Shontelle has been able to apply some of the very things she learnt in law while being in the music industry.This small-island lady from Barbados with little or no real exposure at all was introduced to the greater world through producers Evan Rogers and Carl Sturken of SRP Records who were also responsible for promoting Rihanna.The popularity in the United Kingdom was a lot higher as it reached the Top 10 there.