Windows media player 11 album art not updating

Windows Media Player is a popular software program for organizing and playing your digital music.

In fact, it's a good all-rounder for playing other media too such as videos, movies, audiobooks, and CD / DVD discs.

This is usually the easiest and fastest way to update your media information.

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It is a lot easier to find your favorite song if it contains the correct media information than if its media information reads "Track 2, Unknown Album, Unknown Artist," along with about 400 other songs in your library.It may be tedious, but supplying your media library with correct information will make things much more enjoyable in the long run.Most of the time, your media information will already be correct because it is downloaded when you rip a CD or it is embedded in the file when you buy music from an online store.However, on occasion, the media information that is downloaded for a file on your hard drive or for a CD is incorrect or missing.Most of the time Microsoft's software media player will function without a hiccup, but as with any application, there are times when errors can occur.

This can range from a minor problem like missing album art to a more serious issue such as a corrupt media library or the program failing to run at all.This is because all files on that original CD are linked, and if you choose the album info for one file, all other files will be changed back to the album of the chosen file, thereby forcing you to redo the album info for every file in that mix CD.A word of advice—when in doubt, use the manual procedures for updating media info and album art.This is the most powerful option for editing your media information and personally is my favorite because each file is edited independently and there is no chance you can mess up the media information you have already entered for other files.To use the Advanced Tag Editor, right-click a song in the library and select Advanced Tag Editor.Confirm the move and media information change to add the correct media information to the desired file.