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Carbonite backups may become stuck if you have an unreliable connection, problematic files are selected, or selected file paths are too long for Windows.

Please reference the instructions below for further guidance.

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If you have 7-Zip archiver (If you don’t have, you can download 7-Zip from here), go to the IE4 folder located in the VB6 installation files, right click at MSJAVX86.exe, go to 7-Zip and select “Open archive“.In 7-Zip, double click on which will open another list of files.Resolution If you receive this alert or suspect that you have many folders within folders or long files names, you can shorten the source folder path to resolve the issue.In addition to the steps above, you can review other options to resolve a stuck backup.If any of the locations below were manually selected for backup with Carbonite Safe, please deselect the folders from your backup.

Note: Carbonite does not back up placeholder files, such as those created by One Drive's File On-Demand Feature.File locations that should be removed from backup By default, Carbonite Safe for computers automatically backs up files in C:/Users, which is the location that most if not all user created data exists.This location includes user created data within folders like the Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, and Videos.After you deselect the problematic files or folders within the App Data folder, Carbonite will remove the files and folders from the backup within 72 hours and hopefully resolve the stuck backup.Scan and Remove Viruses Malware and viruses may interfere with Carbonite’s ability to back up your files.Typically, these notices are reminders to restart your computer so Carbonite can continue backing up if you have not turned on your computer recently.