Zach and jonna real world dating im dating a man 10 years older than me

At a club, Emilee and CJ exhibit a mutual attraction, and Joey makes a point of being the first in the house to have sex in Cancun.

A courtesy to Joey results in a night of closeness between Emilee and CJ, and damage to CJ's relationship with his girlfriend, Danielle.

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He expresses a dislike for the cast's season assignment and his superiors, and after repeatedly missing shifts in episodes 6 and 7, he is fired and sent home in the latter episode.He returns, however, at the end of episode 11, during which he makes up with Ayiiia and has sex with her.Joey experiences a personality clash with Ayiiia and the other women.The roommates meet their new boss and learn about their new job, but the restrictions and responsibilities imposed on them may pose challenges.She is a former competitive cheerleader who likes to be the center of attention, particularly among women.

She enjoys partying, but may have difficulty with moderation.

The suite is currently available to the public under the name Suite Me.

The cast is made up of eight individuals, in line with the prior season.

The male roommates ponder whether Jonna will remain faithful to her boyfriend, Matt, and the possibilities if she doesn't.

CJ and Jonna become close, with the newly single CJ (and the others) anticipating possibilities between them should she break up with Matt.

He had a girlfriend named Danielle back home, but the temptations of Cancun presented a challenge to their relationship, and they broke up in the first episode. He is an overachiever who was president of the student council in high school, captain of the basketball and track teams, and class valedictorian.